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Align Your Endowments with Mission

Volume 19: Foundations’ 21st-Century Obligation: Align Your Endowments with Mission

By: Laura Kind McKenna

In the United States, eighty-seven thousand foundations collectively own approximately $800 billion in assets. Each year, these foundations - financial institutions established for the public good - have a federal obligation to give just 5% of those assets toward achieving their mission. 

Patricia Kind Family Foundation partnership to support the Community Fund for Immigrant Wellness.

The Community Fund for Immigrant Wellness is designed to alter the traditional process of philanthropic giving. Administered by nine community-based, immigrant-serving organizations, it is supported by the Scattergood Foundation, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, The Patricia Kind Family Foundation, The Claniel Foundation, and New Collossus Donors and facilitated by the Scattergood Foundation.

Foundation Innovators

1st Place: Patricia Kind Family Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to financially support organizations that help children, adults, and seniors in need obtain physical and mental healthcare and related human services, including food, shelter, clothing and education in the Philadelphia area. We are especially committed to helping individuals and families who struggle daily with the effects of poverty.

Foundations: Put Your Money Where Your Mission Is

When the heater gave out at Broad Street Ministry last December at the start of the Philadelphia winter, it should have meant an end to that non-profit’s weekly hospitality to hundreds of people without homes. Non-profits typically don’t have $250,000 in the ready for such emergencies. But instead, Laura Kind McKenna organized two foundations that she is part of to provide a joint loan. Both foundations had given grants to BSM in the past, knew the organization well, and understood that this was a critical investment for BSM and one that matched their own missions.

Laura Kind McKenna and The Patricia Kind Family Foundation: The Race Toward More Impactful Philanthropy

After 17 years at the helm of the Patricia Kind Family Foundation, Laura Kind McKenna is poised to step down as Managing Trustee, passing the baton to her sister and fellow Trustee, Christina Kind. In a recent interview, I spoke with Laura about her trailblazing strategy and tireless advocacy for mission-aligned investing. While others in philanthropy are talking in circles about accountability and metrics, Laura is calling attention to the real problems: inaction and missed opportunities. She candidly shared with me the challenges that she has faced along her journey, what inspires her work, and how she hopes to shape the philanthropic sector in Philadelphia and beyond.