Application Questions

  • State your Organization's Mission (Approximately 3-4 sentences)
  • When was the organization established as a non-profit? (month/year)
  • Has the name of your organization changed? Provide organization names and dates under which a prior application might have been submitted.
  • Request Overview Briefly describe your specific funding request (4-5 sentences). Begin first sentence using the following format "Requesting ($ amount)/yr x 3 years to support ........"
  • Funding Type (select one)
    • General Operating Support
    • Specific Program/Project Support
  • Program/Project Name (type General Operating Support if not for a specific program or project)
  • Program Area (select one)
    • Community Development
    • Education
    • Health
    • Human Services
    • Youth Development
    • Other
  • IRS 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Name and ID Number
  • Fiscal Agent If you are using another non-profit agency as your fiscal agent, please upload a current letter outlining your relationship.
  • Previous applications Provide year and amount of funding (For example: 2017-$15,000/yr x 3 years.) If application was denied, give date of denial.
  • Recent activity This is not a description of your program but simply the activities which have gone on in the last 6 months - i.e., events held, number of attendees, etc. This should provide us with a snapshot into your day-to-day operations and should not duplicate any of the information in your grant proposal narrative.
  • Grant Proposal Narrative  Please do NOT describe the community need for your program. We are acutely aware of the needs in Philadelphia. Instead, describe your organization and/or the programs for which you are requesting support. Do not repeat information provided for the 'Recent Activity' question. We will read both. Upload and attach proposal narrative as either a word document or pdf file in Times New Roman font no smaller than size 12. Please be succinct.
  • Short Video If you have a short video already made that gives a quick look at your program, please feel free to share the link here.
  • Key Staff for Review
    • Total number of Employees - List number of Full-time, Part-time, and Volunteers.
    • Significant Staff Change - Please describe any recent and significant staff changes, if applicable.
    • Key Staff - Attach a brief summary of all key staff pertinent to the day-to-day operations of the program. Include name, title, responsibilities/duties, and length of time at organization.
    • Resume of Executive Director - In addition to the brief description above, attach the resume of Executive Director.
  • Board of Directors Total number of Board Members (include name, title and place of employment)
  • Demographics In response to a recent report asking foundations to increase transparency about the demographics of who they are funding, we are collecting this information to better understand the diversity of staff, leadership and board members of the organizations that receive PKFF funding. We will maintain strict confidentiality and will only report publicly on aggregated data, never on a particular individual or organization. Our application uses GLM’s integration with Candid, which is based on the Tax ID on your organization profile. If you have claimed your Candid (formerly Guidestar) profile and filled out the information on it, then you can use the Copy Candid Profile button at the top of the application page to fill out the demographic questions on this form. If you haven’t filled out your Candid profile, you can still fill out the Candid questions manually, just like any other question type. You may edit Candid questions in GLM after copying answers from Candid. Editing Candid questions in GLM will not impact your Candid profile. Pulling in a response from Candid will not overwrite an existing response on a GLM form. Note: Since this is based on your Tax ID, if you are fiscally sponsored, you will need to fill in the information manually.

Race & Ethnicity - number of individuals for Board members, Staff and Senior Staff (Senior Staff refers to the Executive Director)
Asian American/Pacific Islanders/Asian
Black/African American/African
Native American/American
Multi-Racial/Multi-Ethnic (2+
Decline to state

  • Budget and Financials
  • We encourage applicants to request funding for multi-year general operating support grants. We are strongly focusing on organizations with budgets of $1 million or less. If you have a large budget and are unsure if you should apply, please reach out prior to submitting an application.
  • Most giving is in the range of $10,000 to $25,000/year for up to three years.
  • Total current annual organization / program budget amount (For example: $850,000 [organization] / $225,000 [program])
  • Current operating budget breakdown Include the organization's revenue and expenses for the current fiscal year. If requesting support for a specific program, then, in addition to the organization's budget, the program's budget is also required below. If using a fiscal agent, we do not need to see their budget. (Please Note: if you have converted an excel or word document to a pdf document for upload, please check that only the pages with budget information is attached and no extra pages were included. This upload should only be 1 - 5 pages.)
  • Dates of fiscal year (For example: January-December, June-July)
  • Current funding sources (Provide funding sources over $5,000 received within the past 12 months - including the name of the funder, amount, and date received. Indicate with an (R) if you have received funding from this source in the past, and, if so, for how many years. Also list any pending grant applications to include amount and expected date of award.
  • Who should we contact if we want to schedule a site visit (Name, title, phone number, and email address)
  • Operating Hours (Provide weekly operating/program days and hours and note if they are virtual or in person)
  • Program Address (If different from Mailing Address or, if your Mailing Address is a PO Box, please give specific street address for possible site visit scheduling purposes.)
  • Do you have a personal connection with anyone involved with the Patricia Kind Family Foundation? If so, please briefly explain. (This is for informational purposes only.)

Note: For all prior applicants, please be sure to double check that the primary contact information listed in your Foundant account is correct. You can view this on your Applicant Dashboard homepage when logged in. Click on the pencil icon to update if needed.