Christina Kind

Christina Kind graduated from American University with a degree in Criminal Justice in 1978. She has worked in various church ministries since then and is now an active member at Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, where she serves in the children’s ministry and on the education team. Chrissy serves on the board of Called to Serve, a community development corporation in the Tioga neighborhood of North Philadelphia. She also volunteers at Tanner Duckrey Public School in North Philadelphia. Her passion is to see the city of Philadelphia revitalized and hopes to be involved on a personal level and as a trustee of the Patricia Kind Family Foundation. She hopes to help bring lasting deep systemic change so that we will not carry the label of “the poorest large city in America”. She would rather we be known as the city that was able to eliminate poverty, racism, and inequity in transformative ways that made a difference in the lives of every Philadelphia resident. Chrissy’s proudest accomplishment is being the mother of three wonderful children.